Company History
Eurovent Limited was formed in 1980, by the present owner and Managing Director Paul Maxfield, producing high quality equipment for various industries. In 1985 Eurovent Limited purchased Calmic Engineering which enabled the Company to move into the pharmaceutical industry.
Calmic Engineering – Cheshire and Lancashire Medical Industries Corporation – moved their headquarters from Lancashire to Crewe Hall in Cheshire in 1947 where they commenced manufacturing drying and filtration equipment in the mid 1950’s.
Wellcome Foundation
Calmic formed a partnership with the Wellcome Foundation Limited, for the development of the Fluid Bed Dryer. Wellcome, a British Company whose main business revolves around the improvement of health, was formed in 1880 by Silas Burroughs and Henry Wellcome. It was registered in 1924 under its current title by Sir Henry Wellcome, who was the sole owner of the business.